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Advice on Counselling


At some time in our lives, we all need help and support from others as a result of traumatic life events, stress from busy lives, isolation or loneliness, problems within relationships, or simply coping with ‘life’ in general. All these difficulties have an impact on our emotional health and sense of well-being.

When we feel overwhelmed by our problems, we often need extra support, or assistance in making a recovery. Discussing problems and anxieties with friends and family can often be helpful. We can also educate ourselves about emotional health through reading or studying, or by joining a support group. Additionally, we may find it useful to talk to someone who is not personally involved in our situation, such as an advisor or counsellor.

What Counselling can include

Counselling can include: relieving stress by off-loading or working through problems; changing negative patterns of thinking; analysing past traumas; practical advice/suggestions about how to acknowledge and address difficulties, and ways of accessing other sources of help and information.

What you need to know about your Counsellor

If you decide to use counselling services, you should ensure that your counsellor is accredited and/or qualified to provide counselling or psychotherapy. Don’t be afraid to ask about their experience, qualifications, professional code of practice, and complaints procedure.

How to find a Counsellor

If you feel it would be helpful to talk to a counsellor, you will find a directory of counsellors and counselling services by following the link on the home page, or you can contact us and request further information about finding a counsellor in your area. Alternatively, you can go to our resources section where you will find recommended books, support groups, and national helplines.


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